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Signs You have a Sewer Line Leak

Sewer line leaks are big trouble, though with modern trenchless technology, a good plumber can usually fix them with far less effort than once required. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, problems with sewer lines here in Fontana, CA can be hard to spot sometimes, and a leak in your drain or sewer system can cause a lot of damage before you finally take notice. With our recent winter rains, you might want to keep an eye out for signs of a breach or a leak in our sewer line, in order to get a jump on the issue more quickly. Here’s a brief list of some things to watch for.

  • Greener Shrubbery. Sewer lines contain natural fertilizer in the form of waste, and when there’s a breach, that fertilizer can leak out and be absorbed by nearby plant life. Look for grass, trees or shrubs in your yard that are greener or healthier than other plant life surrounding them.
  • Higher Bills. A sewer leak can lead to you paying more in monthly water bills than you’re accustomed to. If you see a spike in your bills even though you’re not using any more water than normal. It make be caused by a sewer leak.
  • Puddles. A leak can result in puddles seeping up onto your lawn or other parts of your yard. They may or may not come with an unusual odor attached as well. As signs of water puddling in your yard without an apparent source should be treated as a significant plumbing problem.
  • Running Water. The sounds of running water can alert you to the presence of a hidden leak, especially if there’s no ready source of the noise. Be especially wary of sounds like that around the foundation of your house.

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