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When’s the Best Time to Get Maintenance?

Monday, February 18th, 2019

It’s best to get maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems two times per year. For best results, you should schedule those appointments far in advance so that they’re evenly spaced out. However, that doesn’t answer the question of when you should have those maintenance appointments scheduled. We’ll let you in on what the best times are for maintenance.

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Why Is My Furnace Rapidly Turning On and Off?

Monday, December 24th, 2018

furnace-repair-technicianNothing feels better than your furnace smoothly and consistently dispensing heat through your home. So if your furnace is doing the opposite of that then, well, we won’t keep rubbing it in… But you should also get your furnace checked as soon as you can.

A furnace that’s turning on and off rapidly, also known as “short-cycling,” can be due to a few reasons. Some of them you might be able to fix immediately, and some will require the help of an expert.

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Gas Furnace Repair Requires a Professional

Monday, January 8th, 2018

heating-repair-servicesHere in the Inland Empire, most of our heating systems are forced-air furnaces, which run on natural gas. The burners use a heat exchanger to warm the air in the furnace, then that air is blown through the ducts into your home with a powerful fan. The system is effective and inexpensive to operate, and considering how mild our winters are in this part of the world, they provide more than enough heat to keep our homes warm.

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Ductless Heating Repair Provides Benefits to You

Monday, December 25th, 2017

ductless-mini-splitMost of us in the Inland Empire rely on forced-air furnaces to stay warm during the winter: generating heat in a single location and distributing it through the home with a series of ducts. They work well and don’t cost much to run, which makes them excellent ways of keeping our homes warm in a desert environment.

But they’re not the only types of heating system out there. Ductless systems, in particular, make an excellent choice for homes that can’t support the ducts necessary for more centralized systems, or which otherwise stand to benefit from a more customizable approach.

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Common Signs You Need Heating Repair

Monday, November 13th, 2017

heating-repair-serviceWe’re finally heading into fall here in the Inland Empire after many long months of hot weather. You’ve likely only begun running your heater for a few weeks at the most, and cold days (as cold as they can get in Southern California) are still to come. That makes now the ideal time to check your heating system for signs of trouble. Problems from last winter may have been compounded by months of lack of use, and running your system for any length of time could turn into a big problem if you don’t spot the signs.

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Time for Heating Maintenance

Monday, October 16th, 2017

heating-maintenance-servicesWinter comes late and leaves early in Southern California, and local residents are only now turning off their air conditioners in favor of running their heaters. While we don’t have such a dire need for heating as communities back east do, we still get plenty of cold nights, and more than our share of days whether the temperatures take a dip. The last thing you need is to turn on your heater in the middle of January and run into a sudden problem.

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Possible Causes of Furnace Shutdown

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Most homes in Riverside, CA use gas-fed furnaces to keep warm in the winter. Ours is a warm climate and gas furnaces provide effective and inexpensive ways to heat the home when temperatures drop. That doesn’t mean it’s not a problem when you turn the heat on and nothing happens. It usually means the heater has a serious problem that needs solving. Shutdowns occur for a large number of reasons; some of which can be solved by the homeowner, while others require a skilled technician. You can do a little troubleshooting to sort out which is which before you call in a repair service.

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Proper Care of Your Heating Unit

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Winter is on its way, and while we’re not going to be seeing a snowstorm anytime soon here in Claremont, CA, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your heating system to work exactly as it should in order to keep your home warm on chilly nights. Proper care of your heating unit means getting a jump on any signs of trouble. The sooner you can spot a problem, the more quickly it can be addressed and the less it will likely cost you as a result.

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3 Common Heating Repairs

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

There are hundreds of different ways a heating system could break down, in varying degrees of severity. However, some problems are far more likely to occur than others. The more you know about these common heating issues, the better equipped you’ll be to know when to call an HVAC professional. Let’s examine 3 of the most common heating repairs you’re likely to deal with.


Short-cycling is a behavior in which your heating system keeps rapidly turning itself on and off throughout the day. Though this may seem only a minor annoyance, short-cycling can actually dramatically limit the lifespan of your heater by locking it into the most stressful part of its cycle. This wears out the heater very fast, causing more breakdowns and damaging vital parts of the system. Short-cycling is caused by the system overheating, which activates a safety measure and shuts the heater down in order to prevent a fire. Once the system cools off, it restarts and overheats again and the cycle repeats endlessly. If you notice your heater short-cycling, you should call a professional immediately.

Ignition Failure

Ignition failure is a very common problem with heating systems, especially among older combustion systems like furnaces. Any time your heater fails to start, that’s ignition failure. Ignition failure is often caused by a failure with the pilot light, whether standing or intermittent. In a standing pilot light system, the problem is usually the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a flame sensor that opens the gas valve to keep the pilot light lit when subjected to the initial flame. A bad thermocouple will fail to open the gas valve, causing the flame to die from lack of fuel.

Electric and intermittent pilot lights often fail due to burned out parts, like the electrode or heating element. These are a bit harder to diagnose, because they’re a lot more complex. Either way, however, if your system is simply not starting you should call an HVAC technician.

Air Handler Breakdown

Every forced air system has a section called the “air handler.” The air handler is what is responsible for actually circulating air throughout the house. Occasionally, a part in the air handler can break down and render the heater unable to circulate heat. If your heater is on, but air isn’t coming out any of your vents, then it’s a safe bet that your air handler is broken.

If your heater is having issues, schedule an appointment today by calling Avis Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We provide quality heating repair in the Chino area.

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2 Ways to Avoid Heating Repairs

Friday, October 31st, 2014

No one likes to deal with heating repairs. It’s a pain to have your heating system break down, call the HVAC technician, wait for them to examine your heater, and then have to pay potentially hundreds of dollars to replace whatever part decided to give out. The worst part is that most of these repair issues are completely preventable. Here are the two best ways to ensure that you avoid major heating repairs.

Fall Maintenance

It is recommended by pretty much everyone in the HVAC field that you have your heating system examined at least once a year. As the best time to have any appliance checked is right before you plan on using it a lot, the best time to have your heater checked is during the fall season. This both catches any minor problems that may be developing in your heating system, and ensures that it is operating at its best during the winter.

Problems like a cracked heat exchanger almost never happen on their own. They are the result of something else going wrong in your system which contributed to further damage. In the case of these less-noticeable-but-more-insidious issues, you may not get any sort of warning before they cause real problems. Therefore, it is safest to conduct annual maintenance in the interest of being safe and thorough.

Know the Signs

However, if you do happen to have indications of a problem between maintenance appointments, it pays to know the signs. Short-cycling is a common one. This is characterized by your heating system rapidly and continuously turning on and off. Usually this is caused by your system overheating, tripping a safety measure that causes it to turn off prematurely. It then restarts and overheats again, reactivating the safety measure and perpetuating the cycle.

Other signs to watch out for include uneven heating, no heat coming from the vents, the heater staying on indefinitely, and odd noises during operation or on startup. These signs all indicate that something may need immediate attention in your heating system. If you notice any of these, don’t delay. Call an HVAC technician, just to be sure.

If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, or you haven’t had your annual maintenance yet, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our heating professionals cover all of Riverside, CA.


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