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Call in a Plumber When You Have a Clogged Drain

Monday, August 21st, 2017

plumbing-clogsClogged drains rank among the most common plumbing problems we encounter in the area: when food or other materials build up in the pipes and cause the water to back up. Homeowners tend to turn to do-it-yourself solutions, and in the most mild cases — those which can resolve with a plunger and a little elbow grease — that’s usually the best option.

If you’re looking to purchase a solution in the store however, you’d likely be better off calling in a professional plumber instead. There are a number of important reasons why, but it boils down to two: value for your money and insurance that the problem is taken care of.

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Watch What Goes Down Your Drain This Christmas

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Christmas is less than three weeks away, and while we’re not much for snowfalls and pine trees here in Riverside, CA, we certainly know how to celebrate the holidays. You’ll likely be doing a lot more food preparation this Christmas as family and friends come over to visit. Not coincidentally, this is the season when we see a sharp spike in calls to treat clogs and backups in people’s kitchen pipes. You should always call a plumber when your pipes back up – store-bought options rarely solve the problem properly – but you can do yourself a favor by watching what you pour down your drain this Christmas, and ensuring that certain foods go into the garbage instead. Here’s a brief breakdown of some of those foods.

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Why Should I Call in a Professional Plumber?

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Plumbing problems are very common, especially if they’re comparatively minor such as a clog or a leak. An enterprising do-it-yourselfer is often tempted to address those problems with a store-bought solution such as a snake or a chemical cleanser. In many cases, this can be a mistake, and what starts out as a simple solution actually creates more problems than it’s worth. At best, it only partially addresses the issue, and with reliable plumbing services readily available in Riverside, CA, you can do much better than that. “Why should I call in a professional plumber?” you ask. The reasons why are numerous.

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The Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Modern plumbing has made our lives more and more convenient over the years. So many items that we depend on every day of our lives, from our toilets and sinks to dishwashers and water heaters, are simply components in our larger plumbing systems. Do not put the condition of your plumbing system at risk by ignoring its service needs. Contact Avis Air today to schedule routine plumbing maintenance in Riverside. There is no better way to protect the operation of your plumbing system and the successful interaction of its many components. Contact us to learn more.

The complexity of your plumbing system demands the attention of a qualified maintenance technician in order to operate properly. Because there are so many important components within your plumbing system, a problem with any one of them can have a negative impact on the entirety of the system. One important reason to schedule professional plumbing maintenance in Riverside, CA is to ensure the integrity of your piping systems.

There are systems of pipes in your home that deliver water throughout the building. If you use natural gas to heat your home or to power any appliances, then there are also pipes through which natural gas flows. It goes without saying that these pipes must be kept in the best possible condition. Corroded or damaged water pipes pose the potential for a lot of water damage in your home. Broken or leaking gas pipes can actually create a dangerous situation. When you schedule professional plumbing maintenance, you can be sure that all of the piping in your home is thoroughly inspected and evaluated.

Problems with the appliances in your plumbing system can have a serious impact on your comfort. If your water heater, for instance, is not properly maintained, its performance will suffer. You may notice increased operational costs, paired with unreliable operation. Do not let poor plumbing maintenance habits disrupt your comfort. Call Avis Air today.

Avis Air can handle your plumbing maintenance needs with the skill and expertise that only professional Riverside plumbers possess. We want to make sure that your plumbing system is as safe and reliable as possible. Schedule service with Avis Air to give us that opportunity.

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