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Draining Your Water Heater Tank

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Water heaters tend to be one of the great unsung heroes of our households, doing their jobs quietly in the basement or garage and leaving Yucaipa, CA homeowners to concentrate on more pressing matters. But water heaters need servicing just like any other major appliance, and it pays to perform a little maintenance on yours at least once a year. We strongly recommend scheduling a service session with a trained plumber, but in the interim, you can take a very important step towards keeping your system in good shape: draining the tank.

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What Kind of Air Cleaner is Right for You?

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Spring has returned to the Inland Empire and with it comes the renewed problem of allergens, dust and other unwanted particles in the air. Homeowners in Yucaipa, CA and other nearby cities need to brace themselves for another round, especially if they have sensitive family members or those vulnerable to illnesses, such as newborns or the elderly. An air cleaning system may be a perfect way to get those particles out of the air and provide a clean environment for your family. There are a number of different kinds of air cleaners, however, and which one is right for you may be a question of individual circumstances.

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