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The Advantages of UV Germicidal Lights

UV-light-filterIndoor air quality is of huge importance here in the Inland Empire. Dust, germs and allergens are common intruders in our home, and they can have a huge negative impact on the quality of your life. Germs and bacteria, in particular, are causes for concern, and if you experience a lot of illnesses in your home, you make wish to take steps to keep them in check. This is true for every home, but especially homes with sensitive family members such as infants, the elderly, and those with conditions such as asthma.

In these circumstances, we strongly recommend the installation of UV germicidal lights in your centralized HVAC system. It can protect your home from all kinds of biological contaminants in an extremely efficient way, and works in conjunction with your heater and air conditioner to provide comprehensive coverage. Here’s how it works.

Ultraviolet Light

If you recall high school science class, you probably remember ultraviolet light, which is beyond human’s ability to perceive, but which is present in copious amounts in sunlight. It’s what causes skin to tan and burn when we spent lots of time outdoors. UV lights use much lower levels to achieve their effects, and if you’ve ever been on Space Mountain at Disneyland, you’ve seen how UV lights can make white clothes glow in the dark. At such levels, UV lights are perfectly safe for human beings and multi-cellular organisms like pets.

Against germs, however, they care absolutely lethal: either killing them outright or rendering them incapable of reproducing. Either way, they’re eliminated form your home, and your family’s health will not be threatened by them. Naturally, you can’t simply cover your entire house in UV lights, which is where the germicidal light system comes into play.

In Your HVAC System

Your heating and air conditioning system cycles the air in your home as it runs: pulling it into itself and then pushing it through the ductwork once the air has been cooled. That makes the apex to your ducts the perfect spot to set up UV germicidal lights. The lights shine across thee width and height of the ducts, creating a barrier of light that even the tiniest germ can’t escape. They can’t help but pass through it.

As a result, the air in your home is gradually “scrubbed” clean, leaving it feeling fresher and helping reduce the impact of illnesses. It can help halt the spread of mold and bacteria spores, and can render things like flea eggs inert as well. It’s recommended for home whose family members work in high risk areas such as hospitals, as well as any household that spends a lot of time outdoors. And with spring officially here, now is a great time to have one installed in your HVAC system.

If a UV germicidal light system sounds like a good fit for your Riverside, CA home, or you already have such a light and it could use a little servicing, call the friendly pros at Avis Plumbing-Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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