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The Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

When you have a home or a room without ducts, you have to find other ways to keep cool. In Riverside, you cannot rely on fans alone. So many homeowners install window room air conditioners which, unfortunately, do a poor job of cooling an entire room. A ductless air conditioner is not the same as a window air conditioner, and is actually one of the most efficient, effective cooling (and heating!) systems you can own. Here is a detailed list of some of the benefits.

  • No fear of duct leaks – Unfortunately, ductwork has been known to encounter a lot of problems over time. Small cracks in the ductwork can add up, resulting in up to 30% energy loss when you run your heating and AC system. You pay to condition crawlspaces and other unoccupied areas, which drives up costs as your unit works harder to cool down the living space. This is one less repair you have to deal with by investing in a ductless system.
  • Less hassle with installation – Installing a set of ducts is a big job—one that will take up a lot of your time and cause some major disruptions to your daily life. Installing a ductless system should only take one day. Only one hole is drilled into the home, a small hole to connect the indoor and outdoor unit with electrical wiring and the refrigerant line.
  • High efficiency ratings – Most ductless units have very high efficiency ratings when compared to standard split-systems, and these are far more efficient than window units. Ductless mini split systems are much more powerful than window or room air conditioners as well, and just as powerful as the standard AC or heat pump.
  • Zone Control – If you are cooling down an entire home as opposed to a single room, you’ll need indoor air handlers throughout the home, but this means you can control each unit individually with separate thermostats for each area.

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