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The Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home

We live in Riverside, CA: one of the hotter and drier areas of Southern California where the air rarely boasts an excess of moisture. This can cause a number of problems in your home, including discomfort, damage to furnishings and even an increase in illnesses. The best way to combat it is with a humidifier, especially a whole-house humidifier which can make the air more comfortable throughout your home. The benefits of using a humidifier in your home are numerous, and can improve your quality of life significantly.

Problems Caused by Dry Air

When relative humidity levels drop below 30% or so, it can definitely be felt. Your skin feels dry and itchy, your throat may be scratchy, you produce static electricity when you walk, and even household furnishings can suffer damage from the dryness. Dry air can also lead to irritation in the sinuses and nasal passages, increasing the risk of illness. These can be compounded by your air conditioner, which often pulls moisture out of the air as part of doing its job. And because we live in a very dry part of the country, it’s a problem that Riverside residents may experience year round.

How Humidifiers Solve It

A humidifier works by releasing moisture into the air, elevating relative humidity levels and returning your home to a state of comfort. Your skin will feel better, your throat won’t feel dry and incidents of illness in your household will drop. Humidifiers are particularly well suited to households that including asthma sufferers, who often have difficulty with Riverside’s dry dusty air, and who can gain some measure of respite with a humidifier in their home. And of course, a more comfortable atmosphere means less wear and tear on your furnishings.

If your home could benefit from using a humidifier, then call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today!

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