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The Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights

Fontana, CA and other cities in the Inland Empire often have to deal with more than just high temperatures. Germs, bacteria, and contaminants are sadly common in our neck of the woods, and with rainy season here, those contaminants are going to get bad in the next couple of months. The filter in your HVAC system can help somewhat, but it can’t always deal with biological infiltration, and its protection is limited at best.

For households struggling with germs, mold, and flu bugs — particularly those with vulnerable family members such as infants or the elderly — we recommend the installation of a UV germicidal light in the HVAC system of your home. UV stands for “ultraviolet,” the spectrum of light which we cannot see, but which causes our skin to tan and burn in the sunlight. In smaller does, it makes white clothes glow in the dark (if you’ve ever been on Space mountain at Disneyland, you’ve seen this in action), and while it’s harmless at such levels to humans and pets, it kills or sterilizes germs and viruses on contact.

The light stretches across the apex of your ducts, and as the air is forced through it when you run your heater or air conditioner, biological contaminants cannot help but pass through it. As your HVAC system runs, the air in your home is blown through it, killing the germs and sterilizing the air. You’ll find instances of illness cut down severely, and your air feeling fresher as a result.

Best of all, UV germicidal lights require very little maintenance and rarely break down. So long as they are given maintenance from a trained technician and the bulbs are changed when they burn out, you can expect them to provide years of reliable service.

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