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The Best Solutions to a Slab Leak

We have few needs for basements here in Fontana, CA, and like the rest of Southern California, ours is a fairly recent community in terms of the age of out houses. Most of them were built directly onto concrete foundations and some of them have water pipes running beneath those foundations (or in some cases actually embedded in the foundation itself). A slab leak is simply a leak in one of these kinds of pipe. The leak itself could be easily repaired by any plumber worth his or her salt. The trouble is getting to the leak beforehand… and indeed because the pipe isn’t readily visible, spotting the problem can be difficult. (You can help your cause on that front by looking for any unusual activity: high water bills, puddles around the foundation, and warm spots on the concrete of your porch or foundation.)

The good news is that the right plumbing service can solve the problem. It starts with a careful evaluation of the leak, its location and the timetable involved. Once that’s been established, the solution usually involves one of two paths.


We usually recommend rerouting the pipe: shutting off the water and laying down a new length of pipeĀ around the house’s foundation. It doesn’t work in every circumstance, but if it can resolve the problem without digging into the foundation, it’s usually recommended.


Digging involves tunneling into the foundation itself to reach the leak, sealing it up and re-pouring the foundation. As you can imagine it’s a lot of trouble, but in some cases it may be necessary. In those cases, it’s very important that your plumber work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to make sure the costs are handled and that the operation is conducted to everyone’s satisfaction.

Slab leaks are serious trouble, but you don’t have to face them alone. Call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air for expert help!


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