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The Best Ways to Prevent an AC Breakdown

Summers don’t come any hotter than they do in Riverside, CA , and you need a reliable air conditioning system to see you through it. A breakdown in the middle of a heat wave can be truly disastrous — high heat is often an active health risk — and while our team can respond swiftly to repair calls, we’d rather help you stop those calls from happening in the first place. The best ways to prevent an AC breakdown are judicious planning and careful observation. Here’s a few specifics to help you out.

Maintenance as Prevention

If you haven’t set up a maintenance session from an air conditioning technician, you should do so immediately. Maintenance sessions are designed to treat little issues like friction in moving parts and dust build-up in the system to help stop repairs early. More importantly, it gives the technician a chance to look for any issues that may cause a breakdown and schedule a repair session for them before they interrupt your service. Ideally, you should schedule maintenance twice a year — at the beginning and end of cooling season — but at least once a year is recommended. If you haven’t had your system services in a while, now is the perfect time.

Take Steps to Reduce Strain

The less strain you put on your air conditioner, the less likely it is to suffer a breakdown. They can include:

  • Setting the temperature to 78 instead of 75 and opening the house up at night.
  • Installing a dehumidifier to lower the ambient moisture in the air, which lowers the stress that added moisture puts on the system.
  • Sealing cracks around the doors and windows with weather stripping.
  • Programming the thermostat to turn on 20 minutes before you get home each day instead of simply running it all day.

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