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The Importance of Filters in Your Air Conditioner

Summers in Redlands, CA are often unbearable, as they are in most other cities in the Inland Empire. Residents are accustomed to relying on their air conditioners to keep their homes cool, and with proper use, your air conditioning system should be no different. All AC systems require proper maintenance, however, and while some of that means scheduling annual servicing session from a trained technician, you can help your own cause by paying diligent attention to the air filters in your system. Their importance cannot be overestimated.

How Filters Help You

Filters are designed to strain out dust and dirt in the air as it blows through your system. It helps keep the air clean and your system free of dust. If you don’t change or clean your filters regularly, however, it can affect the performance of your system. In the first place, it can slow the flow of air through your system, which forces your air conditioner to work harder to do its job (raising monthly costs and the risk of repairs in equal measure). More importantly, dust can cost key components in your system including the coils, which can severely interfere with the system’s ability to function. (Dust on the coils forms a barrier between the heat being released or absorbed.) Changing your filters regularly is the best way to prevent this.

Consider an Electronic Air Filter

The Inland Empire can be extremely dusty in the summer – a side effect of living in the desert – which can put your filters under a lot of stress. If changing the filter sounds like a lot of work, consider installing an electronic air filter instead. It uses an ionization chamber to charge any and all particles that pass through the ducts, causing them to stick to a collection plate. It’s an easy and effective means of keeping your air free of contaminants.

Avis Plumbing Heating & Air can install electronic air filters and change standing filters as part of a maintenance plan!

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