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Thermostat Problems That Affect Your Air Conditioning

A thermostat is usually situated a long distance from the actual air conditioning and heating systems that it runs. This often creates in people’s minds the illusion that the thermostat is an entirely separate system that is incapable of creating problems with heating and cooling. You press buttons and the air conditioning turns on; you press other buttons and it turns off. If the air conditioner starts to malfunction, the problem must originate within the AC, not the thermostat.

However, thermostat faults are a leading reason for air conditioners to experience operating troubles, inefficient performance, and even serious repair needs. When you call for professional work for your air conditioning system in Riverside, CA, the technicians will check the thermostat as part of their diagnostic to see if problems there are the source of the AC issues you are having.

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air has over 60 years of experience with caring for home comfort in the Inland Empire. You can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency repairs and we’ll be out to you in no time to restore your cooling.

Some Common Thermostat Faults That Will Affect Your AC

  • Miscalibrations: This is the most frequent issue that homeowners encounter with thermostats, and it’s more common in older manual units. When the thermostat starts to sense incorrect temperatures in a house, it will turn the AC’s compressor and fans on and off at the wrong time. This will result in uneven cooling, uncomfortable temperatures, and short-cycling, all of which can be mistaken for other issues. Before the air conditioner begins wasting energy, call on professionals to investigate. If a thermostat miscalibration is the cause, they will be able to fix the issue quickly.
  • Loss of wire connections: Thermostats are switches: they send signals through a group of five wires to turn on and off the various components of the air conditioner. Loss of connection along any of these wires can cause an air conditioner’s compressor to refuse to turn on or off, or prevent the fans from activating or shutting off. Any time your air conditioner refuses to respond to the thermostat, call for technicians.
  • Incorrect position: This is a problem that comes from shoddy installation work that located the thermostat in a place that makes it more likely to record false temperatures. If the thermostat sits in direct sunlight for long periods of time, it will record temperatures higher than it should. The opposite will happen if it is near drafts and outside doors. Placement to far from the center of the home will cause the thermostat to register unusual temperatures that do not match the house’s average. In all these cases, the only “repair” that will combat the problem is to relocate the unit to a better spot.

Our licensed team at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air is ready to help you whatever trouble you have with your air conditioning in Riverside, CA. From troubles in the thermostat to the compressor, we can handle any repair need.

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