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Things to Check When Your Heating System Fails

We’re at the part of the year when our heaters are seeing daily use here in Riverside, CA, and while winter never lasts long, we still need our furnaces to do their jobs properly.  When your heating system fails, you need to get the issue corrected right away, and our trained team is ready to do that. But we don’t believe our customers should waste time on a service call if the issue can be corrected relatively easily. Before you pick up the phone, here’s a list of things to check when your heating system fails. If they don’t fix the problem, it’s time to bring in a professional, but if they do, you’ve saved yourself a great deal of time and money.

The Breaker Box

A power surge in the grid or some similar issue might trigger the breaker switch, causing the furnace to shut down. Always check the breaker box first, and see if flipping the switch can solve the problem. (If the breaker keeps getting flipped every time you run the heater, however, the issue may be more substantial.)

The Thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat can run out of batteries or encounter a more serious issue. It may even need a technician to repair or replace it, but the process is far easier than one regarding the heater proper. It may also be that the thermostat was set too low or too high, in which case you can fix the problem with a few pushes of the button.

The Filter

A used air filter contains a lot of build-up, which will slow down the flow of air and heat individual components up inside the system itself. If you haven’t replaced yours in a while, swap it out with a new one can see if that fixes things.

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