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Time for Heating Maintenance

heating-maintenance-servicesWinter comes late and leaves early in Southern California, and local residents are only now turning off their air conditioners in favor of running their heaters. While we don’t have such a dire need for heating as communities back east do, we still get plenty of cold nights, and more than our share of days whether the temperatures take a dip. The last thing you need is to turn on your heater in the middle of January and run into a sudden problem.

Treating those kinds of issues start now, and while a good repair technician can correct any problem when it occurs, it’s better to stop the problem from occurring than scrambling to fix it in the face of an unexpected breakdown. A good heating maintenance session – performed now before temperatures fall too far – is an ideal way to get ahead of any difficulties you might encounter this winter.

What Is It?

Heating maintenance most closely resembles a tune-up for your car or a check-up from the doctor. Unlike repair sessions, which are designed to address one specific problem, maintenance sessions deal with all those little problems that don’t merit a repair call on their one: things like frayed wires, worn bolts and clogged filters, which can usually be fixed as part of the session. If further repairs are needed, the technician can spot the signs and schedule a session right away. In many cases, the repair session can take place immediately after the maintenance session, provided the technician has the proper equipment with them.

What Does It Do for Me?

The benefits of heating maintenance vary by individual unit, but typically boil down to three general categories:

  1. An early jump on repairs. In the event repairs are needed, maintenance sessions let you spot them earlier rather than later. Not only does that let you schedule the repairs at leisure – before it breaks down unexpectedly – but it will usually lower the costs of the repairs, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread.
  2. Lower monthly costs. By correcting all those little issues, the maintenance session can help your system perform more efficiently. That means your monthly bills will run lower than they might otherwise, helping you save money this winter. It also cuts down on wear and tear of individual components, which further reduces repair costs and even the
  3. Longer life overall. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions can help extend the life of your heating system by reducing wear and tear and addressing those countless details that can grind a system down over time. Considering that our winters are comparatively short and mild, that can mean extra months or even years to your system’s life. That ensures you get the most out of our investment and can defer the unpleasant task of getting our heater replaced.

If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance session for the heater in your Chino, CA home in the last 12 months, call the pros at A-Avis Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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