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Watch What Goes Down Your Drain This Christmas

Christmas is less than three weeks away, and while we’re not much for snowfalls and pine trees here in Riverside, CA, we certainly know how to celebrate the holidays. You’ll likely be doing a lot more food preparation this Christmas as family and friends come over to visit. Not coincidentally, this is the season when we see a sharp spike in calls to treat clogs and backups in people’s kitchen pipes. You should always call a plumber when your pipes back up – store-bought options rarely solve the problem properly – but you can do yourself a favor by watching what you pour down your drain this Christmas, and ensuring that certain foods go into the garbage instead. Here’s a brief breakdown of some of those foods.

  • Fats, Oils and Grease. These can be tricky because they’re often liquid when you cook with them and pouring them down the drain seems perfectly natural. Sadly, they will solidify when they cool down in your pipes, which can lead to a sticky and very stubborn clog. Store them in a can.
  • Bones and Fruit Pits. Most people know better than to toss meat bones, cherry stones, peach pits and other hard food items down the drain, mostly because of the trouble they can cause your garbage disposal. But it goes without saying that they can clog pipes too.
  • Fibrous Vegetables. These include things like potato peelings, carrot peelings and celery stalks. They can wrap around the gears of your garbage disposal, as well as blocking up in your pipes and creating a back-up.
  • Rice and Pasta. Most people don’t consider these a problem, but they can be surprisingly sticky and they expand when they absorb a lot of water (as they will in your pipes).
  • Coffee Grounds. Coffee grounds also expand when they’re wet, as well as becoming more sticky and viscous in your pipes.

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