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What are the Benefits to Installing a New Air Conditioning System?


New air conditioning system installation in Riverside, CA, before and after images.

The summer season in Riverside, CA can get extremely hot—and if you don’t have an effective air conditioning system in your home, it can make for an incredibly long and uncomfortable summer. If the thought has buzzed around in your brain about installing a new AC for your household, right now is a great time to schedule the work so you can relax and enjoy a cool remainder of the summer (and that hot spell in the fall as well).

Perhaps you’re on the fence: you have an older air conditioning system, but it isn’t terrible. It’s still working. What benefits are there to changing to a new air conditioner now? We’ll look at some of the reasons to opt for new air conditioning installation in Riverside, CA. Call the AC team with more than 60 years of experience in the Inland Empire—Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air—when you are ready for a fresh air conditioner to keep you cool.

Some advantages of new AC installation

  • Avoid a breakdown: Just because your current air conditioner seems to be operating adequately doesn’t mean it won’t simply break down on you at any moment if it is already over its estimated lifespan. Check on your current AC’s service length estimate; if it’s already a year above that, then you’ve gotten a great deal from it… and you should probably take the cautious route and replace it now.
  • Increase efficiency: If you’ve had your air conditioning system long enough, the advances in cooling technology that have occurred in the meantime will dwarf its efficiency. You can purchase a new system for the same price as your old one (with adjustment for inflation) that will have a much greater efficiency than your earlier system ever did. Since your current system will have lost some efficiency over the years anyway, you will start saving money immediately with an upgrade.
  • Take advantage of new technology: Newer air conditioners not only have superior efficiency compared to older models, they also have more features such as variable speed air handlers and humidity controls. They can also be installed as ductless systems, so if you are considering remodeling or adding on rooms, ductless air conditioning offers you some terrific advantages.

Make sure you hire only professionals for installation

Air conditioning installation in Riverside, CA is not a “do-it-yourself” job or one to delegate to amateurs. If you want to get the most out of the advantages of a new system, you need to call on professional installers. They will not only help you choose the right system, they will make sure that it works well and without any impending repair troubles.

For the quality work for your AC that you need, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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