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What are UV Germicidal Lights?

The term sounds like something out of a science fiction movie: UV germicidal lights. In fact, they’re quite real and serve as an invaluable tool in the fight to keep your household air clean of germs an contamination. Homes in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and throughout the Inland Empire deal with germs, cold bugs and similar unwelcome visitors, which a UV germicidal light can make short work of. So what is it and how can it help your home? Here’s a quick guide.

Ultraviolet Light

If you’ve ever been on Space Mountain at Disneyland, or seen your white shirt glow in the dark at a rock converts, you’ve been exposed to ultraviolet light. It lies beyond our ability to see, but is present regardless, and while it’s harmless to us (and other multi-celled organisms like dogs, cats and even goldfish), it’s lethal to one-celled organisms. A UV germicidal light simply makes the best use of that fact. The system shines UV light across the apex to your heating and air conditioning ducts. As you run your HVAC system, the air is cycles through it, and the germs within it can’t help but pass through the light. It either kills them instantly or fuses their DNA, rendering them incapable or reproducing. The system this scrubs the air in your home clean, leaving it free of germs and biological contaminants. Beside of all, it will continue to work every time you activate your HVAC system, and as long as you replace the UV bulbs periodically, it doesn’t require much maintenance at all.

Who Benefits?

A UV germicidal light system is a boon to any household that uses it, but we particularly recommend it for homes with family members who are sensitive to illness. That includes newborn infants, the elderly, and those suffering from compromised immune systems or conditions such as asthma.

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