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What Causes Low Air Flow in an Air Conditioner?

Spring has come to the Inland Empire, and while we haven’t seen many truly hot days this year so far, any resident of Rancho Cucamonga, CA can tell you they’re not far behind. When they hit, you want your air conditioning system to function as intended every time you turn on the air. Now is the ideal time to look for potential problems with your air conditioner, since you can get them fixed more or less at leisure before the dog days of summer arrive. Among the most common issues facing air conditioning systems is low air flow, where the cool air doesn’t move through the system as quickly as you need it to. What causes low air flow in an air conditioner? The answers are numerous, but can include the following:

Faulty Fan Motor

The system generates cool air, but it’s up to the fan to blow it through the ducts. When the fan motor runs into trouble – due to an overload, an electrical problem, friction on moving parts of even just a frayed fan belt – then the fan moves more slowly and the air flow is reduced.


Clogs in the system usually occur with the air filter, which needs to be cleaned or replaced periodically as it gathers dust, hair and other detritus. In some cases, a more substantial clog can appear in the system: build-ups in the ducts, dents in the duct surface, or even a clog in the air conditioner itself.


A breach in your ducts can create air flow problems as well: either pulling conditioned air out of your system or pulling unconditioned air in. Either way, it can reduce the flow of your air considerably. Feel for cool spots on your wall that might indicate a breach, or reduced air flow limited to a single vent in your home.

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