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When’s the Best Time to Get Maintenance?

It’s best to get maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems two times per year. For best results, you should schedule those appointments far in advance so that they’re evenly spaced out. However, that doesn’t answer the question of when you should have those maintenance appointments scheduled. We’ll let you in on what the best times are for maintenance.

Just Before the Season

The best time to get a maintenance check is right before the new season starts.

For example, getting maintenance for your heater just before fall and winter. Here’s why it makes such a difference:

  • An inspection of your heater—before you use it—can prevent various safety hazards. For example, birds have been known to build nests inside the flue pipes of furnaces. Turning on the furnaces with a block flue pipe can create dangerous conditions, possibly leading to carbon monoxide leaks or a fire.
  • Maintenance will help set a good standard for efficiency throughout the season. By having your system tuned-up just at the start of the season, you’ll be able to have any issues resolved and efficiency restored. This should give you lower heating bills every month. And if that bill starts to rise, you’ll know that you may be experiencing a heating repair issue.
  • It can help minimize the risk of a severe breakdown in the middle of the season. Our heating repair service in Riverside, CA is in no shortage of demand during the winter. Why? Simply because there are so many heaters working their hardest that aren’t “fit” enough to make it through the season. Neglecting maintenance before winter is sort of like neglecting exercise for a few months just before running a 5k!

During the Season

The only time we’d recommend having maintenance done during the season is if you didn’t have it done before the season. In other words, it’s never too late to get a maintenance check!

However, we don’t mean to say that you should always put off maintenance just because it’s never too late. It certainly can become too late if you end up experiencing a safety issue or major repair issue due to something that could have been prevented.

The other downside of scheduling during the season is that you’ll need to compete with everyone else who wants services done at the same time. By getting your maintenance done early on, there’s no harm in having to wait a day or even two just to have your system inspected.

Anytime You’ve Neglected Maintenance for More Than a Year

At this point, getting maintenance as soon as possible is an absolute must—don’t wait for the season to begin or end!

If you’re in this category, chances are that you’ve seldom had maintenance, if at all. Getting a tune-up done now will help establish a standard for your heating and cooling bill, and your HVAC tech will be able to help you in setting up a regular maintenance schedule.

If it’s time for a maintenance check, don’t hesitate to schedule it today! Contact A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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