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Why Is Good Insulation So Important?

Heating and air conditioning costs can occupy a large portion of your utility bills. And with all the energy it uses to move the mechanical parts of your unit, pump refrigerant from place to place, turn a large indoor and outdoor fan, and/or create the conditions for gas combustion, it’s no wonder your bills soar when you have to run your HVAC system throughout the day. There are a couple of ways you may be able to reduce your bills. You could replace your heating and air conditioning unit with a more efficient modern unit. Or you can install some insulation.

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What Is Insulation

Insulation can be rolled out in sheets or it may be blasted into a wall or attic in the case of blown-in or loose-fill insulation. The most common materials used to insulate a house include fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, and polystyrene. There are many factors that installers and homeowners must take into account when choosing an insulating material, including flammability, environmental impact, cost, amount needed for the space to be insulated, and the R-value—a measure of a material’s effectiveness at insulating.

These materials provide a sort of barrier through which it is difficult for heat to pass. Heat moves naturally towards cooler areas, even moving through walls to do so, but insulation fibers are able to resist conductive and convective heat to an extent that can help to keep heat out of your home in the warmer months and trap it in the home in the cooler months. Insulation may be installed in walls, attics, or around ductwork.

Benefits to Your Home

Installing insulation can help lower your heating and air conditioning costs, reduce the chances of HVAC repair, and keep you more comfortable. When attic insulation makes it difficult for heat to transfer through the ceiling to the outside air, you’ll feel more comfortable and your heating system won’t become worn out from working too hard. And in the summer, the insulation in the walls keeps heat from entering the house and essentially reversing the work your air conditioner has just done to remove the heat.

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