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Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

We often stress the importance of indoor air quality to our customers: a topic almost as important as temperature control here in Riverside, CA. Smog levels have decreased dramatically in the Inland Empire in the past few years, but as a desert community, we still experience high dust and pollen counts in the air, as well as both excessively high and dramatically low humidity levels on occasion. These issues can be treated with a number of different products, from air purifiers and UV purifiers to humidifiers and dehumidifiers. But that doesn’t answer the question of why indoor air quality is so important, or, to put it more bluntly, why such products are such a necessary part of your home. We’ve provided a few answers below.

A More Comfortable Environment

Higher indoor air quality means that your air doesn’t feel stagnant or stale, which helps improve your household comfort levels considerably. This is of especial interest on hot days, when we button our houses up to better hold cool air generated by our air conditioner. That can cause the air inside your home to stagnate, forcing you to either open your windows and let the heat in or live with the stale air. Indoor air quality products take care of that problem nicely.

Lower Bills

Low indoor air quality can have a harsh effect on your existing heating and air conditioning system: adding dust and dirt to key components and forcing them to work harder to overcome the effects of excess humidity and the like. That translates to higher bills and an increased cost of repairs when your system breaks down. Indoor air quality products work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning systems to lower the overall cost to you.

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