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Why Is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

Your air conditioning system contains two large parts: the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. Either portion of your air conditioning system may encounter trouble, but in our climate only one area is prone to freezing: the inside evaporator coil. Even if it’s 100 degrees outside, this coil can freeze if something goes wrong during the refrigeration process. A frozen coil may seem like a good thing; you want the air handler to be cold, right? But this can cause many problems for your AC, and it is indicative of a much larger problem.

How Does It Happen?

Your air conditioning system contains refrigerant, a chemical blend which absorbs heat from the air in your home. Warm air blows over the inside evaporator coil as refrigerant evaporates (turns into a gas). Refrigerant absorbs heat, and the coil cools down. Condensation forms outside of the coils as well as humid air blows past, but the temperature and air pressure keeps this moisture from freezing.

However, the coil may freeze usually for one of two reasons. There may not be enough refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. Or there may not be enough warm air blowing over the coil. Leaky refrigerant or a broken fan motor must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent this problem from worsening.

What’s the Big Deal?

There are a few major problems with an indoor coil that has frozen. This coil will be less efficient at helping refrigerant to removing heat from the air, slowing down the cooling process and hiking up your energy bills. This causes other parts to struggle to do their jobs as well, which may lead to a broken down system over time. Besides, as the ice thaws, it may leak onto the air handler, which can cause water damage to other parts. Keep in mind that you should never try to scrape this off on your own. Only professionals know how to remedy the issue without further harming the AC.

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