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Why Leaking Refrigerant Is a Big Problem for an AC

air-conditioner-and-toolsAir conditioning systems are complex, but as long as they’re regularly maintained, they have the durability to last for many years with only occasional troubles.

But there are a few common air conditioning problems to watch out for—and few can create as much trouble as a leak that allows the system’s chemical refrigerant to escape. Leaking refrigerant will be catastrophic for an AC if it’s not fixed, and the only people who can fix it are licensed HVAC technicians.

If you notice your AC is losing cooling power, is making a hissing sound, or is developing ice along its indoor coil, it may have leaking refrigerant. Don’t delay having the system professionally repaired!

The Problem With Leaking Refrigerant

Homeowners are often confused about what refrigerant actually does inside an air conditioner, usually mistaking it for a kind of fuel that will eventually run low no matter what and need to be refilled. This isn’t the case. The energy source that powers an AC—its “fuel”—is electricity. Refrigerant is used for heat transfer. As it goes through the process of evaporating and condensing in the two sets of coils in the air conditioner to transport heat out of the house, it never dissipates. The amount of refrigerant placed in the AC when it was installed, which is known as the AC’s charge, should never drop during the system’s life. Only leaks will cause the charge to drop.

Here’s the most important thing to remember about refrigerant: the AC is designed to run with a specific refrigerant charge, not more and not less. If an air conditioner is either undercharged or overcharged, it puts the entire air conditioning system in jeopardy.

The early problems a loss of refrigerant causes are a decline in heating power. This is reason enough to have the AC repaired. But the situation will get far worse if nothing is done: eventually, the drop in refrigerant will cause the compressor to overheat and burn out. The compressor is the literal heart of the cooling system, and when it dies, it usually means the whole AC must be replaced. You want to have the system repaired before problems get that bad!

Proper Refrigerant Recharging

To fix an air conditioner with refrigerant leaks, technicians must first seal the leaks and then recharge the AC by putting more refrigerant to replace what was lost. It’s essential that licensed professionals do this job, because putting in the wrong amount of refrigerant—too much or too little—will simply put the AC back in danger. Licensed professionals are also the only people certified to handle and dispose of refrigerant. Please go straight to the best professionals for this service!

The best way to have air conditioning repairs in Riverside, CA is to reach out to our HVAC experts. We’ve been family-owned since 1947 and we never leave our customers unhappy! Our techs won’t leave you with a job that you aren’t 100% satisfied with.

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