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Why Should I Size My Air Conditioner Properly?

“Sizing” an air conditioner (or a heater) means finding the model that is the right size and power to effectively and efficiently cool down your home to your desired comfort level. It’s often a misunderstood concept to people who do not work in AC installation, mostly because it’s difficult to grasp the idea of an air conditioner’s efficiency as something separate from cooling power. People tend to think that the larger an air conditioner, the better. If a home has an extra large AC, why should that pose a problem? Just lower its setting if the house feels too cold.

But this is false and at the core of the confusion: although it makes sense that you can have an air conditioner too small for your home, having one that is too large is just as significant an error. Sizing an air conditioner is about finding the perfect unit size between “too big” and “too small.”

To properly size an AC you’ll need qualified experts in air conditioning installation in Riverside, CA to help you. Call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air, where we’ve sized heating and cooling systems for homes in the Inland Empire for decades. We we’ll have no problem finding the right unit for you.

The air conditioner is too small…

The principle problem you will encounter from an undersized AC is lack of comfort. The air conditioner will have difficulty reaching all of the rooms along its ductwork system, and the rooms that do receive cooled air will not receive enough cooled air. In addition to the uneven heating, an undersized AC will have to run almost continuously to reach its target temperature, wasting energy in the process.

The air conditioner is too large…

The trouble that plagues an overlarge AC is short cycling: cutting short the cooling cycle prematurely. Because an air conditioning system that’s too powerful for the space it’s supposed to cool down will rapidly hit its target temperature, it will shut down early, only to restart a short time later, shut down again, and so on. This will cause a large drain on power since an air conditioner draws the most energy when it starts up. You will probably find some rooms won’t receive proper cooling because the AC will not remain on long enough for the conditioned air to reach them.

How an air conditioner is sized

Professionals size an air conditioner using a heat load calculation that checks how your home traps and repels heat. The calculation factors in such criteria as insulation, house size, window placement, heat from appliances and lights, and the number of people who live in your home to determine how much cooling an AC must supply to keep you comfortable.

You should have no problems if you rely on professionals in air conditioning installation in Riverside, CA. At Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air, we’ll provide you with the AC service necessary to cool your house down ideally for many years.

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