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Why Won’t My AC Cool Down the House Like It Once Did?

air-conditioning-junkyardThis is a serious frustration during a Southern California summer—setting the thermostat for a pleasantly cool temperature, only to end up with a house that’s warm no matter how long the air conditioner runs.

If this is a new occurrence for you, and you’re accustomed to the AC doing a dependable job each summer, then you probably need the assistance of our expert technicians to restore the air conditioner to peak shape. If your air conditioner has never worked well, then you may have an incorrectly sized system and you should schedule a replacement with us.

For the rest of this blog, we’re going to assume that your air conditioner has only recently started to fall behind on its cooling duties. Here are reasons your AC may be having a hard time keeping up with your cooling

The air filter is clogged

Something we recommend customers always check first when they’ve got an air conditioner that isn’t supplying enough cool air is the air filter. This filter is usually located on the HVAC cabinet or behind the grills of the return air vent in the house. If this filter isn’t changed routinely every 1 to 3 months, the congestion of debris and dust in it will slow down airflow—and that means less air that gets cooled. Set reminders for yourself to routinely put in clean filters.

Refrigerant is leaking

It’s a common problem in modern air conditioning units for corrosion to develop along the refrigerant lines after five years of service. (This is a type of corrosion caused by formaldehyde in the air.) Refrigerant must remain at the same level in an AC for the unit’s lifespan, or else the system is in danger of a massive breakdown. Losing cooling power and a rise in humidity in the house can point toward this urgent air conditioning issue.

Leaking ductwork

The ventilation system attached to your AC is supposed to be sealed airtight along its length to maintain air pressure. When leaks begin to develop along the ducts, even small ones, it will cause a drop in cooling performance, often affecting individual rooms. You can’t solve this trouble with duct tape! Please call our experts for duct testing and duct sealing to solve this problem.

Over-the-hill air conditioner

You may simply have an air conditioning system that’s too old to continue to do the job it once did. Even with rigorous regular maintenance, age eventually catches up with an AC and the cumulative wear and tear affects its efficiency and effectiveness. We recommend replacing an air conditioner that’s over 15 years old. At this point, you’ve already gotten a great return on your original investment and you’re ready to start with a new, even more efficient AC.

A-Avis has been family-owned since 1947 and we’ll never leave a house until a customer is 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done. Call us when you think you need air conditioning system repair in Fontana, CA or elsewhere in our service area.

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