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Why You Should Commit to Routine Heating Maintenance This Year

Even though you don’t get as much use from your heater in Riverside as you do from your air conditioner, you still need to keep your home’s heating system in good shape through regular maintenance. If you haven’t gotten maintenance done in a few years, you might think it’s too late to start. Don’t worry: a professional contractor with enough experience can get your heater up to its best possible condition and keep it that way.

For high-quality heating service in Riverside, CA, contact Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air. We’ve served the Inland Empire for over 60 years.

Here’s why you should commit to annual maintenance:

  • Better comfort: A heater without regular check-ups and tune-ups will start to work less effectively. Its heating ability will begin to decline because of clogged ducts, miscalibrated thermostats, or failing motors. Having the system tuned-up once a year will keep it at the top of its performance ability.
  • Better savings: As a heater wears down, it will need to work harder to reach its target temperature. This means it will drain more power than usual, and you will see it reflected in your power bills. A well-maintained heater will keep your bills from rising unexpectedly. You will also have fewer repairs to schedule during the year, another place where you’ll save money.
  • Better peace of mind: The longer a heater goes without routine maintenance, the more likely it will develop malfunctions that could cause it to shut down. Because you will put the most stress on your heater during the coldest days of the year, it is likely to break down during the least convenient times. Maintenance will give you the peace of mind that your heater will make it through the tough days and keep you warm until the spring.

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air offers the Comfort Club to provide you with maintenance for your heater and your air conditioner. Our plan lets you choose how often and how long you want us to service your home comfort system. Contact us today to commit to better comfort, better savings, and better peace of mind this year with our Riverside, CA heating service.

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