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Why You Should Have Zone Control with Your New Air Conditioning Installation

Are you planning to have a new air conditioning system put in your home? Here’s something to consider scheduling as part of it: installation of a zone control system. Zone control consists of dampers fit into the HVAC system’s ductwork, each one connected to a local thermostat. The dampers can shut off air flow to specific vents in the house, allowing you to control which rooms receive cooling. You can control the dampers from the local thermostats or from a central control thermostat.

Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air handles air conditioning installation in Redlands, CA. We can make zone control installation part of your next AC installation: just give us a call to find out the details.

The Benefits of a Zone Control System

  • Save on energy bills: One of the hassles of a central heating and cooling system is that each time the AC or heater comes on, it sends conditioned air to every vent in the house. If you live in a large home, chances are good that only a few rooms will need comfort at any given time, and you’ll waste energy on the empty rooms. With zone control, you only need to cool or heat the rooms that need it. This will translate into tremendous energy savings each year.
  • Custom comfort for rooms: Not every room has the same requirements for comfort. During the summer, you will probably need to provide more cooling power to a kitchen or a room high in the house than to a spacious living room. A baby’s room should have more warmth than a home gym. Using zone control, you can set the temperature in each room to match its specific requirements.
  • Individual comfort for your household: Imagine doing away with arguments between family members about whether it’s too warm or too cold! People can use the local thermostats to adjust the temperature to their ideal comfort level wherever they are—without affecting the rest of the house.

Although you can have zone control retrofit into your HVAC system at any time, the job is much quicker and easier if it is arranged as part of a new heating and cooling system installation. If you want to enjoy individual comfort for your home, combined with immense energy savings in the Redlands area, call Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air today. We can talk about your options for zone control as part of our air conditioning installation service.

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