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Why You Should Never Scrape Ice Off of Your Air Conditioning Coils

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to ignore ice appearing on their air conditioners, figuring that it is a natural product of the cooling process. However, there are few more obvious signals from an AC that it is experiencing a serious malfunction than the development of frost and ice along the indoor evaporator coil. When you spot this, it’s time to take action.

And that action is not to get a paint scraper or some other devices and try to scrape the ice off of the coils. We’ll explain why you shouldn’t go this route and instead reach for the phone and contact a dependable HVAC company. For air conditioning repair in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, look to the many decades of experience at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air for effective service.

The Problem with Scraping Ice off the AC’s Coils

There are two reasons that you shouldn’t attempt to remove the ice from your air conditioner’s evaporator coil yourself. The first is that you might damage the air conditioner. The second is that it won’t do any good anyway.

An air conditioner is a precision instrument, and the two coils are among its most important components. The evaporator coil is where the AC absorbs heat to cool down a space, and if it receives damage it can ruin the heat exchange cycle. Scraping a metal device over it, or even worse, trying to hammer away the thick ice, can seriously impair the coil. Don’t do it.

The ice will only come back anyway: the reason that the frost is forming is because there is something wrong with the AC that is restricting the coil from absorbing sufficient amounts of heat. If the coil doesn’t receive enough heat to warm up the cold refrigerant inside it, the refrigerant will freeze the moisture along the coil, creating ice. This can happen because of a drop in refrigerant level, grimy coils, or a clogged air filter that doesn’t allow enough warm air in.

Whatever the reason for the ice to start developing, the ice will continue to grow as it further blocks heat absorption. Scraping it off may slow down this process (if it doesn’t damage the coil) but it doesn’t address what the core issue is. Only a repair technician can find what is actually wrong and repair it. The technician will then safely defrost the coil and restore your system’s full functionality.

Please take ice on your AC seriously and call for professional air conditioning repair in Rancho Cucamonga, CA right away. You can reach the team at Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air any time of the day or night for emergency service that will assure your AC will receive no further damage and that your cooling power doesn’t plunge.

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