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Why Your Gas Furnace Needs Fall Heating Maintenance

heating-repair-servicesSouthern California has some of the finest winter weather in the country. The heat tapers off so we enjoy cooler days, but we never have to deal with extreme cold. A night getting down into the high 40s is about as chilly as it gets.

But those days and nights in the 40s and 50s still make it necessary to have a heating system in a house. If your house has a gas furnace, as many do, it’s vital for you to schedule maintenance for it every fall. It’s November, and it’s time to get your professional furnace maintenance inspection and tune-up out of the way.

Yes, This Is Important

Caring for a natural gas furnace with annual maintenance service isn’t a luxury or something you can let slide for a few years. No matter how much you use the furnace, if you skip maintenance you’ll have to deal with unpleasant side-effects. One side-effect goes beyond unpleasant. Let’s start with that one …

  • Safety: Any appliance that runs from natural gas has the potential to leak toxic exhaust fumes or become a combustion hazard. The gas furnace in your house isn’t a dangerous appliance; all gas furnaces are built with safety precautions. It’s only when a furnace misses out on yearly inspections from professionals that it can start to pose health hazards to a household. You’ll feel much safer after our experts have given your furnace a clean bill of health and made any repairs or adjustments necessary.

Honestly, if safety were the only benefit of furnace maintenance, that would be enough to make it essential. But there are many other advantages.

  • Reduced Repairs: Who wants to call for emergency furnace repairs? No one, of course. There’s no way to stop all sudden repair issues, but keeping up with maintenance is as close to a solution as there is. Maintenance prevents around 85% of repairs a furnace may need. That saves money, time, and comfort.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Don’t let your furnace die on you years before it should. Regular maintenance can easily get a gas furnace past 15 years of solid service.
  • Energy Efficiency: As a furnace declines without regular tune-ups, it will drain more power to run. You’ll see your gas bills climb year after year and end up paying 25% more to heat your home. Maintenance keeps your bills under control.
  • Protect the Warranty: Failure to schedule maintenance each fall may void the equipment warranty and leave you stuck paying to correct a factory fault.

Join the A-Avis Comfort Club

It’s easy to arrange for regular HVAC maintenance in Chino, CA. You only need to call our office to join our Comfort Club, a pre-paid maintenance plan for both your heating and air conditioning system. You can even download this form to get started. We offer different tiers of membership so you can find the ones that best fit your needs and budget. Gold Club Membership offers the best, most affordable options to avoid repairs, replacement, loss of comfort, and loss of safety.

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