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Your AC Shuts Off—It May Be an “Energy Event”

air-conditioner-on-leavesThis is a subject we want to discuss because it has triggered confusion among some of our customers regarding their air conditioning in Bloomington, CA or elsewhere in our wide service area. You may experience a sudden loss of your central AC system when its compressor shuts down. The electricity is running in the rest of your house, so there must be a problem with the air conditioner itself that will require calling us for repairs.

But not all the time. Your AC may have been shut down remotely by Southern California Edison as part of an “energy event” in Edison’s Summer Savings Program. You don’t need to call a technician, because the temporary loss of use of your air conditioner is pre-planned and the unit will soon turn on again.

Energy Events and Making Your AC Take a Break

During the long, hot summers in Southern California, nothing puts a bigger strain on the electrical grid than the demands from air conditioning compressors. To avoid overstraining the grid (which once led to unscheduled “rolling blackouts” that hit large areas at once) and to help conserve power, Southern California Edison has instituted a Summer Savings Program that allows them cycle down or shut-off household central air conditioners for a limited time.

Don’t worry that the power company could do this to you at any point in the summer and leave you trapped for a few sweaty hours without cooling. This is a voluntary program. You can enroll your central air conditioning system (window units and wall units are not eligible) and So Cal Edison will place a special remote device on your AC at no charge to you. From June through October, So Cal Edison can access your air conditioner and shut it down or force it to cycle off during energy events—i.e. periods when the grid will benefit from lowered strain, such emergencies, high prices, or as part of testing.

Depending on what program you sign up for, your AC may shut off for a maximum of 6 hours per day or for 15 minutes each half hour for up to 6 hours a day. You may also opt to be able to override the shutdown period for up to 5 days per year. So Cal Edison will give you rebates from $40 to $160 for the summer depending on the program tier you choose.

You may forget that you signed up for the program, or perhaps another person in your household enrolled the AC and you weren’t aware of it. If the air conditioner does shut down during a summer day, go check the outdoor unit to see if there’s a remote-controlled device from So Cal Edison attached to it. If there is, the AC has most likely shut down for an energy event and there’s no need to call us.

If your AC stops working and it isn’t part of the Summer Savings Program, we’re here to help. We offer competitive pricing, and our technicians won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied with the services you’ve received.

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